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How to Authenticate Hermes Constance H Belts

By Bebefuzz

Hermes H buckle Constance belts are highly counterfeited. These gorgeous belts with an elegant H buckle make almost any outfit look more luxurious. Read this easy beginner's guide on how to weed out fakes from the authentic Hermes Constance belts.


Fake Hermes packaging orange box receipt card

Just because a belt comes with packaging and/or a receipt, it doesn't make the item authentic. The picture above shows counterfeit packaging including a receipt, price tag, box, ribbon, and more.

If the packaging is fake, it almost always means that the accompanying item is also counterfeit. So, what are some obvious giveaways?

1. Authentic Hermes belts do NOT come with an orange authenticity card as seen in the above picture. This is some strange thing that some replicas come with.

2. An authentic Hermes belt box should not have any stamping inside of the box. Again, as seen in the above picture of fake packaging, there is a round stamp with some words on the inside of the orange box.

3. If the border on the front of the box is misaligned or crooked, the packaging is fake.

Color and Leather Type

Fake Hermes Constance H buckle belt not reversible one color leather

Hermes Constance belts are always reversible. There will be 2 different types of leathers, one for each side. And most, but not all, Hermes Constance belts will also sport a different color on each side.

Some authentication guides online state that the colors must be different for each side, but this is wrong. There is a LOT of bad authentication tips online, so please be careful. We take authenticity extremely seriously; Lollipuff is focused on delivering great prices on AUTHENTIC designer items, so delivering accurate shopping tips is an absolute must.

The fake above shows a belt with the same leather type and color on both sides. This is a sign of a very obvious replica.

Leather Strap Stamps

heat stamp imprint size year made in Hermes H buckle reversible belt

Hermes Constance belts have at least 3 different stamps on one side of the leather strap, including the Hermes Paris made in stamp, a number that represents the size of the belt in centimeters, and a letter inside a circle or square that represents the year of manufacture.

1. If the belt is missing any of these 3 stamps and does not show any signs of severe rubbing, it's obviously a counterfeit.

2. Another tip in regards to the leather stamping is that all year stamps with a circle and all year stamps with a square with a A or B should have the Hermes Paris made in stamp in gold or silver. If the belt has a square shape with a letter C or higher, than the Hermes Paris made in stamp should be a clear imprint stamp.

3. The number denoting the size of the belt should always be in centimeters (60,65,70... etc). It should never show it in inches (23,25,27... etc).

These are just some basic and easy authentication tips that would be helpful for most people. Very proper authentication performed for Lollipuff listings is more intensive and specific.

Buckle Stamps and Hallmarks

Hermes stamp imprint hallmark on metal buckle

Authentic Hermes Constance buckles will always have the word Hermes on one side of the H buckle between the legs. It is sometimes accompanied with a plating hallmark for gold-plating or palladium-plating. The Hermes word can have a downward-facing slash (Hermès) or it can be without a slash. Many newer Constance buckles also sport dashes (-) on either side of the Hermes word.

There are many variations of stamping that can appear on an authentic Constance H buckle, and a true Hermes authenticator should be knowledgeable of each and every variation.

However, there's still some really great easy authentication tips that weed out a bunch of fakes.

1. The Hermes stamp should not look like it is encapsulated in a box like the above counterfeit example.

2. If you see a 14K, 18K, etc hallmark for metal purity, run away. It's a fake. Unlike a lot of incorrect authentication guides online, Hermes Constance buckles are not gold, palladium, or platinum; they are most oftentimes PLATED in precious metals.

Backside of H buckle

backside back of Hermes reversible H Logo buckle

The backside of the Constance H buckle is usually very matte. If it is shiny, it usually means that the buckle is a poor counterfeit.

There are many misconceptions about the H buckle, because a lot of misinformation has been passed on as fact online. Contrary to many false authentication guides, "Made in France" may or may NOT be on the back of an authentic H buckle. For older belts, Hermes used to never stamp this on the back of their H buckles.

Thanks always for reading and for sharing our passion for authenticity. We hope that this authentication guide with easy tips is helpful. :) At Lollipuff, we apply these checks and many more on each listing, so you can enjoy guaranteed-authentic items at great discounts.

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For even more help authenticating a designer item, check out Lollipuff's authentication service.

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